Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lindsay and Bucky's Day Off at Bromont

Salut Amis, (that's my extent of all the French I am learning up here)

Today was a day I was able to sit back and really soak in all that was going on around me here at Bromont. Due to the fact that I did my dressage yesterday- I had an "off day" today. With that said, I think I was able to recognize and learn more than ever. 

I was able to sit back and watch the most impressive horses performing extremely difficult dressage tests. These horses are at the top of the sport and most are competing for spots on both the Canadian and US Olympic teams. I realized quite a bit while I was sitting there soaking it all in- first and foremost I realized just how very fortunate we are to be able to train and ride such athletic animals. We ask our horses to give us their all, to trust what we demand of them, and to perform extrememly high demanding tasks under significant pressure. We ask and expect our horses to come through for us- and that they do- and then some. How lucky are we? Additonally, I was able to acknowledge just how much of a partnership we have with our animals and just how special that is. They give us their all and trust us through and through because we have established such a strong bond between the two of us. And that guys- is what makes and breaks this sport. If your horse has complete faith in you they will try their hearts out. And that partnership, bond, and trust is something unmeasurable. With that said, in whatever discipline or task you ask of your horse just take a second to realize just how much they do for you on a daily basis, just how much they rely on that simple pat to tell them, "job well done, son- keep it up." 

Ok, enough with my little tangent. Back to Bromont. I was able to really get a firm grasp on the cross country course that I am preparing to ride tomorrow. Like I mentioned before- it is a big, tough, demanding course. If I didn't hear it once today, I heard it 100 times- Bromont's cross country is make or break. The final results are weighed HEAVILY by the cross country results. Which  is ABSOLUTE music to my ears. If you don't know Bucky- cross country is his time to shine. He thinks cross country is absolutely the best phase (and well, I do too)!

I had a terrific jump lesson today with Will Coleman to prep for tomorrow's big cross country course. He set up some exercises we could imitate to practice some of the combinations on the course. Bucky was jumping out of his skin and is very confident for tomorrow. I ride my cross country at 3:55- so keep us in your thoughts then!

I have attached a few pictures here- A few as promised from yesterday's dress, a few of our cross country course, and a few from our jump school today. I hope you enjoy.

Be back tomorrow....

Lindsay & The Buckster

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