Monday, September 17, 2018

How to Schedule Today With Your Upcoming Weeks in Mind

Do you find it hard to prioritize tasks and don't know where to start? "No matter what industry you’re in, or whether you work from the office or at home—the key to reducing stress, leading a more fulfilled life, and enjoying your time largely boils down to one simple thing: organization.
Having a day that’s been strategically mapped out shows you exactly what needs to get done, let’s you see all of your tasks at a glance, and can help you to get rid of that frustrating feeling that you’re forgetting something. It’ll also help you to see whether or not you have time for extra activities, more responsibilities, and volunteer work; and likewise will show you when it may be time to cut back!"

"If you find yourself constantly struggling to catch up, or regularly find yourself at the end of the day, wondering where your time went, then an organization system that will help you to plan and prioritize is important. Don’t let a lack of organization steal precious moments from your day!"

Click here for an article from our friends at Day Designer to help with some tips for organizing your day, so you are making the most of your time each day!

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5 Strategies to Avoid the Overcommitment Trap This School Year

With the new school year well underway, you might feel like you have it all under control. Your schedules are organized and planned but you feel that there are still better ways to use your time, or perhaps you feel like you are missing out on some things that you should be partaking in. 

"As we start mapping out our plans for the upcoming fall season, it’s easy for our schedules to start filling up—and fast. It can be tempting to try to fit everything in and agree to everything that comes our way. We say yes to volunteer work, yes to family activities, and yes to more work and responsibilities. 

But while there’s nothing wrong with raising your hand and volunteering for new and exciting opportunities, it’s important that we avoid falling into the overcommitment trap.'

'Communications coach Sue Johnston calls this the disease to please. “Lots of us are people-pleasers by nature,” says Johnston. We hate to turn down offers, invitations, and yes, requests for our time. But while there could be many factors driving this need to please, whether that’s a desire to avoid confrontation or to avoid disappointing others, it’s important to remember that our time is important and that we should guard it well.'

'It’s no secret that overcommitment can be a big source of stress! Packing our schedules full to the brim leaves little time for anything else, causes plenty of stress and pressure, and can lead to tremendous frustration. It’s also hard to find a work-life balance when we’re constantly rushing from one activity to the next.'

'But while overcommitting is something that can lead to burnout and disappointment, the good news is that your schedule is something that you have control over. Managing your time and being able to say no is essential—for your peace of mind and your ability to find a work-life balance ("

So what can you do about it? Thanks to our friends at Day Designer, here are some strategies that can help you to avoid over-committing this year.

1. Identify Your Priorities
2. Set Boundaries
3. Schedule in Downtime
4. Create a “Someday” List
5. Learn to Say "No"

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How to Overcome Your Doubts and Fear of Failure

It's Motivation Monday so we thought it could be helpful to share an article from author/blogger/entrepreneur Carla Biesinger entitled 'How to overcome your self-doubts and your fear of failure & start a business you LOVE.'

"Starting your own business is easily one of the most exciting and at the same time terrifying times in your life. You know you have what it takes to make this happen: you're feeling confident about yourself; you have the passion, the drive, the knowledge, the skills.

But before you know it, your new companions, Fear and Self-doubt, won't seem to get off your case:

"Do you really think you're cut out for this?"

"What if you fail?"

"What if no-one wants to buy your products/services?"

"Who's going to invest in YOU? You don't have a website/a degree/a certificate..."

And suddenly you're not feeling so sure about yourself anymore.

Sound familiar (" If so, we want to encourage you to take a look at this video from Carla with 5 things you can do to overcome your fears and start a successful business you love:

And once you've established that business and are ready to get things up and running, MLE can help! We offer a variety of services for businesses of all shapes and sizes and are happy to talk to you today to come up with your customized plan for success. Learn more by visiting!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


We are posting a day early this week to make sure our readers can see this great article's advice before tomorrow's start to the work week! If you find that making lists and prioritizing helps you to accomplish tasks throughout your week, you will especially find this article from 'Notes from Joana' helpful!
"Sundays are quite bittersweet, arent’ they? While I love the feeling of a chilled Sunday morning at home, it also means the weekend is coming to an end. And I know I’m not alone here as most of us have dealt with the Sunday blues before or maybe every week. You feel overwhelmed and not ready to face the week ahead. I feel you.'

'But what if instead of obsessing over the week ahead, you focus on the present? Sunday is the perfect day to schedule some time for yourself and reset. With that in mind, here are a few Sunday habits to help you prep for a new week with less stress (Notes from"

To see some of these obvious (and not so obvious) ideas on how to better prepare yourself for the week ahead, visit the article link here!

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Hi everyone!

Here at MLE we love organization. It's so critical to remain organized in all aspects of your business to keep things moving forward and not lose track of important tasks, reminders or documents. So, today we are sharing a great article from 'Forever Free By Any Means' on 11 desk organization hacks to help you improve your productivity whether at home or the office!

Whether it's a clipboard wall art piece, a plastic desk organizer or a DIY charging station here are a few ideas to get you started. Visit the article link here.  Learn how MLE can help organize other aspects of your business like your bookkeeping by visiting our services page at:!