Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bromont Stadium Update from Lindsay Kelley

CONGRATS to Lindsay and Bucky on their great finish at Bromont!  We can't wait for a full report later!


Bucky and I did it. We finished our tough CCI * on our dressage score! We went double clear show jumping and cross country!

There were 65 people in my division and we were 16th. Only a couple rails separated the top half. With veteran Olympians ruling the top placings (we will get there one day).

We were one of eight competitors that made it around without a jumping fault.

I am completely pleased. I couldn't have asked for a better horse. He showed up with all he had and gave every ounce.

My last wrap up email will come tomorrow. With tons of pictures!! Sorry for the lack of pictures on the last email. I have plenty and can't wait to share.

I'm in the passenger seat (with my amazing Dad at the wheel).

We will be back early  tomorrow at 2am.

Stay tuned....

Linds & Bucky- the jumping machine

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