Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Moose is back!

Moosetracks attacking the ditch last summer.
Yup ... I've started to ride the Moosetracks again.  I'm not sure if our time away has made our hearts grow fonder, but we're really liking each other these days.  He seems to be growing up a bit and taking responsibility for his body.  I've jumped him twice now and have been more than impressed with how genuine he is being to his fences.  Good pony!

I brought him over to A Bit Better Farm today for a lesson with Kelley Williams.  And I think we're back on track.  It's like we've picked up right where we left off over the winter.  Tomorrow will be the tell take sign as I'm going to flat him.  I might start him off on the lunge in side reins, just to ensure a good ride.  :-)

The entry for Seneca will be going in the mail shortly!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Woohoo! Good weekend at Jersey for MLE friends and clients. Courtney Cooper and Tag 11th in the CCI**, Katie Ruppel and Donald 4th in the CCI***, and Stephen Bradley and Simon 6th in the CIC**. AND even more exciting, Holly Erdely and Mr. Moosetracks finished 4th at Loch Moy yesterday. :-D

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Good Luck at Jersey!

A quick GOOD LUCK to MLE clients Courtney Cooper and Stephen Bradley.  Both are competing at Jersey Fresh this weekend, aboard two extremely talented two-star horses.  Courtney is piloting her homebred Who's A Star (aka Tag) in the CCI**.  And Stephen is competing in the CIC** with the lovely grey In The Fog (aka Simon).

UPDATE: Stephen is in 2nd place after dressage.  Woohoo!  Courtney rides tomorrow before the lunch break.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

MLE Welcomes New Account Manager!

I'm thrilled to announce that Mythic Landing Events has a new Account Manager!  Lindsay Kelley has recently joined the staff and is hitting the ground running.  From Middleburg, Virginia, Lindsay is a well-connected horsewoman with experience in eventing, show jumping, foxhunting and even steeplechasing!

If you, or someone you know, has been thinking about contacting MLE about working together, now is the time!  Feel free to contact myself ( or Lindsay ( to learn how to get started.  No project is too small (or too big!).

Special thanks to Beth Sokohl for making the connection!

More on Lindsay:  Lindsay Kelley is a horsewoman at heart who is eager to bring her passion, knowledge, and education together to support the Mythic Landing Events team. Lindsay’s unique resume includes various positions from event planning and marketing at the Gold Cup Association to consulting for Booz Allen Hamilton. With a degree in Public Relations from George Mason University, she combines her skills, experience, and education to add value to the company and clients alike.

Lindsay grew up in Middleburg, Virginia where she became well connected in the equestrian scene in multiple different disciplines. She has been heavily involved in Eventing, Show Jumping, Fox-Hunting, and even Steeplechasing. It is obvious that Lindsay’s passion roots in the training, competing, and development of horses, in general.

Lindsay spends her free time training young ex-racehorses for their new careers, eventing, and running.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Susan Graham White Dressage Clinic: Monday, May 30th

Susan will be coming back to Oatland Stables on Monday, May 30th.  This is perfect timing for those wanting a tune-up before Waredaca, Rubicon and Seneca.  Remember that you can have a traditional lesson, or do a fix-a-test lesson.

Lesson slots are $125 for a 45-minute private lesson. Payment is due at the beginning of your lesson. If you'd like to pay with credit card, please let me know when you sign up and I'll give you directions for that.

Lessons run from 11am - 6:45pm.

Questions?? E-mail me at

More on Susan: Not only is Susan an active upper-level competitor, but she also judges at many of area shows where YOU compete. Take this opportunity to learn what a licensed judge has to say! You can choose between either doing a traditional lesson OR having a "fix-a-test" lesson. You choose!

Susan is an FEI dressage rider and trainer based at Wolfhaven Farm in southern Maryland. She has been an active instructor, trainer, and competitor in dressage for 25 years, and have successfully trained and coached students through the Advanced 3-day level in eventing, and to FEI levels in dressage. She is also a licensed national USEA dressage and event judge, and an international FEI event judge. Susan travels extensively teaching and judging both internationally and throughout the United States.

Susan's web site:

Some things never change ...

 Yesterday was spent at A Bit Better Farm for another Stephen Bradley clinic.  The plan was to ride outside and do a "cross country position and skills" lesson in the bottom field.  But of course the weather had other plans, so back to the indoor we went.

Lissell started a series of pentosan a few weeks ago, and it's been interested to see her change.  She's officially 19 years old now, and I thought that some extra joint support would make a great birthday present.  Since we started, Lissell's flatwork is just getting better and better.  Yay Lissell!

So back to our lesson yesterday.  I was riding with Mary Macklin on her lovely young horse California Comet (related to the great Courageous Comet).  Both Lissell and Callie has been going Beginner Novice with an eye on Novice.  Well after the lesson, we concluded that the two mares skipped Novice and went right to Training.  It's been a while since I jumped a 3' square oxer, and I think my eyes got a little big looking at it.  But Lissell is Lissell, and jumping is her thing, and she's just awesome at it.  She may be older now, but she still loves the sport.  It's SO incredibly amazing to ride a horse that you don't have to worry about, you can just concentrate on learning.  Since our little tumble in the water, I've been struggling with a few positional issues, and it's so cool to be able to concentrate 110% on your own riding and position because you have 110% faith in your horse to get the job done.

Then it came time to work on Lissell.  We were supposed to quietly canter into a simple 1-stride to 1-stride and Stephen wanted me to compress Lissell's stride.  This caused a bit of a meltdown for Lissell, as she was pretty sure that I was completely out of line to ask this of her.  After a few circles, we came to a compromise and she was good (not great).  Stephen and I talk about it a little, and he stresses that at 19 we're not going to change Lissell, so we have to finesse her and meet her in the middle.

As Mary and I were cooling down our horses in the wash rack, she made a comment about how it's interesting to watch a horse like Lissell over a period of time, because some horses never change.  It made me laugh, because she's right.  Lissell is who she is.  Is she dramatic? Yes.  Is she difficult to ride? Yes.  Does she take care of me? Yes.  So while Lissell may never change, I definitely can.  I can learn to ride her better, and soak up every lesson that she has to teach me.