Thursday, June 21, 2012

FINAL Bromont Synopsis! from Lindsay Kelley

Special thanks to Lindsay Kelley for her Bromont coverage!

Hi Friends,

I bet every one thought I forgot to write my final Bromont update email! Well guess what- I didn't! I was waiting for my event video to come in so that I could share that with you, as well!

My recap from Bromont could be pages and pages long with just how much I learned and saw. However, I will spare you and just give you the good stuff.

Among the millions of things I learned at Bromont- I learned a few things that stuck out most significantly.

First and foremost- I learned about the high pressure, highly stimulating, exciting atmosphere produced by multiple factors; the biggest being the goals and standards that everyone was there to meet. Each person had a different goal, a different standard of success, and a different measure of satisfaction- one being a good run in front of the Olympic selection panels for a spot on the Olympic team to another being the success of finishing all three phases. Each goal was especially important to each person causing for this amazing atmosphere! Along with the atmosphere came tons of nerves and excitement which each rider and horse handled in a different way. It was really interesting to see just the affect it had on each person. I really enjoyed it! And now I have a new understanding of what performing under pressure means. 

Secondly, I learned just how important it is to have a fit horse coming into a three day. I saw so many tired horses at the end of cross country just struggling to get home. It was very obvious that people were riding completely different animals from the start of the course to the end. Additionally, that carried over to the Show Jumping phase the next day- where competitors were riding horses that physically had not fully recuperated from the cross country run the day before causing for many rails. Bucky was extremely fit throughout all the phases which was quite encouraging, but it is often times hard to know when fit is fit enough. I will take that with me when prepping other horses for future three day competitions.

Additionally, I realized just how many people really contribute to a successful event. First and most importantly the owners of your horse contribute the most- for allowing you the opportunity to compete their horses. Secondly, your support system leading up to to the event and during the event- Parents, family, barn help, friends, clients, and significant others all play a significant role in getting you to and through the event successfully. In addition- of course- your trainers and coaches all play a huge role too. All in all it is quite clear that it takes way more than just yourself and your horse to make it successfully up to and through the event.

And last but not least- I learned that- THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO! This event reassured me that I was doing exactly what I want to do in life. I want to chase this eventing dream- and hopefully with hard work and a lot of effort I will get to the top. I am willing to put in all it takes!

With that said, I especially want to thank everyone for contributing all you did to get me to Bromont. Especially Beth Sokohl for allowing me this incredible opportunity to train and compete Bucky! It could not have been a better experience to go on my first event horse I ever owned (for those of you who don't know- Beth bought Bucky from me before I went to college- and she has been fortunately very involved since then)! I also definitely need to thank my Dad and Aunt Beverly for coming with me to help through the actual event days- the both contributed a tremendous amount and I would not have made it through without them!

I could not have been more pleased with Bucky- he was foot perfect. Below is the link to the video of some glimpses of all three phases. I hope you enjoy!



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