Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Does Your Horse Business Stack Up?

Have you ever wondered how your business stacks up with other horse professionals? Take a minute to listen to this webinar that begins with the MLE staff bookkeeper Pam Saul, Owner of Farm & Equine Business Services, LLC and a certified Quick Books Pro Adviser who specializes in horse businesses discussing the four most common mistakes she encounters that cause horse professionals to incur financial losses. Through the webinar, Pam gives insightful advice on how to implement a system to proactively address these issues and increase profits using real life horse business examples.

Additionally, while the profitability piece is vital, the key benefits of watching this webinar go beyond just revenue. One of the most challenging aspects of running a horse business is time and these step-by-step profit boosters, with the accompanying tools, can be of even greater importance in saving time for horse professionals. 

About Equestrian Professional
One of the most important benefits of being a member of is that we understand how different the horse business is from mainstream businesses. Our members gain access to a proven system and collection of tools and resources specifically for professional equestrians that help you to unify your equestrian career and business goals so that you are able to build both a successful career and a profitable business.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Final Virginia CCI1* Report from Ella Groner

This morning was by far the hardest to get out of bed.  It was the earliest morning we've had, and we were all exhausted.  We got to the barn and iced Linus for 20 minutes, then I rode him (just a quick easy ride to stretch him out), and then we put him back in ice for 20 more minutes.  After that, I jogged him for Lillian and then just let him hang out in his stall for a little while before heading out to the 8:30am jogs.  Linus trotted right down the jog strip, and passed!  He was very excited to get back to his stall and hang out for a while before we had to start getting ready for show jumping at 11:30am. I got myself dressed and Linus all brushed and ready to go.  Skyler and I walked up the hill to show jumping where we met Lillian and walked the course.  I felt confident walking the course, but knew it would not be an easy task.  The rails are on flat cups and have been coming down all weekend.  We came back to the barn, tacked up, and got on.  It did not take me long to get up to the ring and I had some extra time to watch some show jump rounds to get a feel for how the course was riding.  It appeared as if there were a lot of rails down and it was difficult to make time.  They decided to put a break in the schedule to drag the ring.  The longer we waited the more anxious Linus became.  Finally we went to warm up and Linus was all business.  He jumped all the warm fences great and we headed into the ring with confidence.  The first seven fences rode amazing.  Going to fence eight Linus got a bit lazy and did not pick up his feet and knocked a rail.  We turned to go down the outside line and headed into 9A a bit speedy and picked up another 4 faults.  Even with 2 rails we moved up to finish 12.  My young riders team of Skyler Decker, Morgan McCue and Taylor Stewart got 3rd in the Young Rider Challenge. We headed back to the barn, took care of Linus, packed up our stuff and headed home.  Overall I was happy with our performance this weekend.  The venue was great and everything ran smoothly.   A huge thank you to my parents, Ryan, Lillian, and all those who continue to support me. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cross Country Day at Virginia CCI1*! (with Ella Groner)

XC Pit Crew!
Icing while eating lunch.
Cross country day!! We arrived at the barn bright and early to feed Linus, and he went for a long graze with Ryan while I walked my course again. This time I went by myself to really focus on what I can do to have the best ride possible.  I started getting Linus ready and headed out to warm up at 11am. Linus was a bit wild, but was jumping great!  He took off out of the start box, and was definitely ready to go!  We made it around the first part of the course a bit speedy, but he had calmed down by the time we made it to the halfway mark.  The first three jumps he went right over. Jump 4AB was a bending line combination and it was the first real test on the course. He was a bit wild and I was worried about having him come back to me and pay attention, but we worked it out and he jumped right through!  Jump 6 was a giant brush fence with a bending line to 7AB, which was a ditch to a skinny.  He jumped 6 huge, but had his eyes set on the ditch!  Once again, he was amazing!  That's when we really started to get going and everything else rode extremely well!  Going through the finish flags was the most relieving part of the day.  We went straight to the vet box where Linus' TPR's were taken. I am so thankful for my pit crew of my mom, Ryan, and my dad who helped to keep him walking and sponged off.  He was then checked again after 10 minutes and had cooled down so well he was released from the vet box.  He led me back to his stall, trotting the whole way, little did he know he was about to get a bath and be put in ice.  After that we had a young riders vet evaluation, and Linus jogged up great!  He was given IV fluids, and was iced again.  After all his icing, I jogged him up for his vet, Jill Copenhagen, poulticed and wrapped, grazed him, and 12 hours later, put him away for the night.  Early morning tomorrow, jogs are at 8:30am!  
More multi-tasking: icing, IV fluids and eating hay.

XC Minute Markers

Friday, May 22, 2015

Dressage Day at Virginia CCI1* (with Ella Groner)

Ready for our test!
Ring familiarization. 
I rolled out of bed at 6am ready to start Day 2 ... dressage day!  After having some breakfast and going for a graze around the horse center, Linus was ready to go!  We had ring familiarization at 8am where I learned that Linus isn't a huge fan of the judges booth.  After walking around for a bit, he settled down, and we headed back to his stall. I left him to rest up for a bit while I went to watch the 1* test ride and the first couple dressage tests.  Finally it was time to start getting ready!  Linus and I met my trainer, Lillian Heard, in the warm up.  Linus was feeling great, and trotted right into the ring!  He was a bit tense in some parts of the test, but overall I'm happy with his performance!  We scored a 54 which put us tied for 17th in a very large division.  While Linus got a bit of a break resting in his stall, I went and walked my course with Lillian.  I'm feeling very confident and ready to go!  I got a chance to watch the Intermediate and Advanced stadium jumping which was both educational and motivational.  We then had a riders meeting, and afterwards I headed out with my friend Skyler to go walk my course once again.  My mom and Ryan worked on grazing Linus, and getting everything ready for the night.  The weather has been great, and I'm looking forward to running cross country tomorrow!  We will be back after dinner to do a final night check! 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 1 at Virginia Horse Trials (from Ella Groner)

Jog time!
Passed with flying colors!
After a long rainy drive, we pulled into the Virginia Horse Center, and I was very excited to get the competition started.  I came with my mom and a good friend, Ryan Keefe.  We got Linus (aka My Security Blanket) unloaded and he went for a walk with Ryan while my mom and I got his stall ready and parked the trailed.  After he settled in a bit, I took him over to do the in-barn inspections, where they checked his passport, and took his vital signs.  After completing that, I took Linus out for a ride.  We walked around the horse center and had a light flat.  Then it was bath time for Linus, he wasn't very fond of that!  I then braided him, and put him in his stall to rest up some before jogs.  Around 4:30pm, we got Linus out of his stall, cleaned him up a bit, and off we went to the 5pm jogs.  Linus passed with flying colors!  We finished up at the barn and went to walk the cross country course.  It started out like nice and easy, but quickly become serious!  After a 2 1/2 mile walk up and down hills, we were all exhausted. A final check and night walk for Linus to close the day.  Ring familiarization at 8am tomorrow morning!! 

With friend Skyler Decker.
Fence 4!

Linus right after arrival!

Welcome Yetter Training Center!

We are so excited to welcome new client, Yetter Training Center at White Fences Farm located in Gaithersburg, Maryland! If you're looking for a farm with full-care stall board, an indoor and outdoor arena, a cold and hot wash stall with many more amenities, White Fences Farm could be the place for you. Specializing in dressage, hunters and jumpers, Tom Yetter is a reputable trainer with over 25 years of experience and is available for both lessons and training rides. Customized lesson and training packages are available! 

To learn more about Yetter Training Center, click HERE

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May Activities With MLE!

Looking for something fun to do this month? MLE has got you covered with plenty of activities!

May 12th
Maryland Horse Council Quarterly Meeting 

Looking to get more involved in the equestrian community? Established in 1985, the Maryland Horse Council (MHC) seeks to unify, inform, and represent Maryland’s diverse horse community. As the industry’s state legislative representative and trade association, MHC protects and promotes the horse industry by providing a united voice in the Maryland state legislature and state agencies, by interacting with the media and the general public, and by keeping its members informed on issues that affect them and their horses. The meeting will be held at the Montgomery County Agricultural History Farm Park in Derwood, Maryland. You do not need to be a member to attend! Click HERE to RSVP!

May 13th 
Stephen Bradley Clinic Jumping Clinic at A Bit Better Farm 

Stephen Bradley enjoys teaching all levels of riders from the beginners to the advanced competitor. His enthusiasm, talent for communication and the ability to inspire to confidence in the horse and rider makes him a favorite to ride with in Area 2! When training with Stephen you can be confident that you will receive expert instruction for your level of riding. Lessons are $115 per horse and rider combo for small group jump lessons. Contact Margaret McKelvy to sign-up today!

May 16th
Katie Wherley Cross-Country Clinic at Woodstock Equestrian Park 

Looking to have fun and learn something new? Having an issue out on cross-country that you would like to work through with a professional? Advanced-level event rider, Katie Wherley, of Katie Wherley Equestrian in Middletown, Maryland is a graduate "A" pony clubber, has trained and competed horses to the Advanced-level of eventing and has significant experience in the jumpers, hunters and dressage. Riders of all levels are welcome to join! Cost is $75 per 45-minute private lesson or $60 per horse and rider combo for group lessons. $5 discount is available for pony club members! Contact Tara Shegogue to reserve your spot today! 

May 17th
Glenda Player C.O.R.E. Rider Clinic 

C.O.R.E. Riding is about learning stability and balance through alignment. C.O.R.E. Rider is an acronym for Centered, Organized, Responsive, Effective riding. Through this method one learns how to use aids in a clearer, more organized, and effective manner, thus developing a responsive balanced horse. Mounted sessions are $65 and unmounted sessions are $35. Sign-up for both for $85! E-mail Erinn Murphy to reserve your spot today!

May 27th
Susan Graham White Dressage Clinic at A Bit Better Farm

Tune-up your dressage skills with one of the top dressage trainers in the area. Susan is a licensed FEI "I" Eventing judge and a USEF "R" Dressage judge. Heading to a competition soon? Bring your test along for a Fix-A-Test lesson if you'd like! Lessons are $130 for a 45-minute private lessons. E-mail Margaret McKelvy to reserve your spot today!