Monday, August 21, 2017

Welcome to the MLE Team: Morningside Eventing

We're thrilled to welcome Morningside Eventing to the MLE team! Based out of The Plains, Virginia, Morningside Eventing, a premier 3-day Eventing program led by Skyeler Icke Voss. Morningside Eventing, formally Angelica Run Eventing, has been one of the most consistent programs in the country at producing young riders, and also has a strong following of adult amateurs. Morningside was thrilled to welcome Skyeler in March, 2012, to the Morningside team to head the training and lesson program. With her talent and their world-class training facility, the sky is the limit! 

MLE will be helping Morningside Eventing with their efforts surrounding their social media and sponsorships. To learn more about their program, please visit their Facebook page!