Friday, May 22, 2015

Dressage Day at Virginia CCI1* (with Ella Groner)

Ready for our test!
Ring familiarization. 
I rolled out of bed at 6am ready to start Day 2 ... dressage day!  After having some breakfast and going for a graze around the horse center, Linus was ready to go!  We had ring familiarization at 8am where I learned that Linus isn't a huge fan of the judges booth.  After walking around for a bit, he settled down, and we headed back to his stall. I left him to rest up for a bit while I went to watch the 1* test ride and the first couple dressage tests.  Finally it was time to start getting ready!  Linus and I met my trainer, Lillian Heard, in the warm up.  Linus was feeling great, and trotted right into the ring!  He was a bit tense in some parts of the test, but overall I'm happy with his performance!  We scored a 54 which put us tied for 17th in a very large division.  While Linus got a bit of a break resting in his stall, I went and walked my course with Lillian.  I'm feeling very confident and ready to go!  I got a chance to watch the Intermediate and Advanced stadium jumping which was both educational and motivational.  We then had a riders meeting, and afterwards I headed out with my friend Skyler to go walk my course once again.  My mom and Ryan worked on grazing Linus, and getting everything ready for the night.  The weather has been great, and I'm looking forward to running cross country tomorrow!  We will be back after dinner to do a final night check! 

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