Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 1 at Virginia Horse Trials (from Ella Groner)

Jog time!
Passed with flying colors!
After a long rainy drive, we pulled into the Virginia Horse Center, and I was very excited to get the competition started.  I came with my mom and a good friend, Ryan Keefe.  We got Linus (aka My Security Blanket) unloaded and he went for a walk with Ryan while my mom and I got his stall ready and parked the trailed.  After he settled in a bit, I took him over to do the in-barn inspections, where they checked his passport, and took his vital signs.  After completing that, I took Linus out for a ride.  We walked around the horse center and had a light flat.  Then it was bath time for Linus, he wasn't very fond of that!  I then braided him, and put him in his stall to rest up some before jogs.  Around 4:30pm, we got Linus out of his stall, cleaned him up a bit, and off we went to the 5pm jogs.  Linus passed with flying colors!  We finished up at the barn and went to walk the cross country course.  It started out like nice and easy, but quickly become serious!  After a 2 1/2 mile walk up and down hills, we were all exhausted. A final check and night walk for Linus to close the day.  Ring familiarization at 8am tomorrow morning!! 

With friend Skyler Decker.
Fence 4!

Linus right after arrival!

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