Monday, February 28, 2011


I really do.  I just love her.  I was finally able to do trot sets outside yesterday, and she was just great.  Typically I don't do trot sets for horses going Beginner Novice, but I've found that now that Lissell is older, we need a little help with the fitness work.  So we just do easy ones.  Three 5-minute trots followed by two 3-minute canters.  I decided to do them in her hackamore in an attempt to help me learn to just let go out there.  Well ... what I learned is that a hackamore is not the proper bitting choice for a headstrong mare that hadn't been outside in weeks.  Let's just say Lissell was feeling a bit fresh.  The trotting wasn't so bad, we even did some of it on a loopy rein.  The canter sets were more of a gallop set, but we were both having fun, so whatever.  We even have a log in that field, it's about Novice size.  I couldn't help myself and we popped over it a few times.  I was only planning on doing it once, but I was jumped so clear out of the tack the first time, that I decided to repeat it a few times until we were both in sync.  The good news is, that my mare was totally game.  So I'm now officially excited for Southern Pines.  Woohoo! 

That's me with Lissell back in the day. She was so incredibly patient. It must have been hard for her to adjust from being a 5' jumper to a Beginner Novice event horse.

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