Monday, September 17, 2018

How to Schedule Today With Your Upcoming Weeks in Mind

Do you find it hard to prioritize tasks and don't know where to start? "No matter what industry you’re in, or whether you work from the office or at home—the key to reducing stress, leading a more fulfilled life, and enjoying your time largely boils down to one simple thing: organization.
Having a day that’s been strategically mapped out shows you exactly what needs to get done, let’s you see all of your tasks at a glance, and can help you to get rid of that frustrating feeling that you’re forgetting something. It’ll also help you to see whether or not you have time for extra activities, more responsibilities, and volunteer work; and likewise will show you when it may be time to cut back!"

"If you find yourself constantly struggling to catch up, or regularly find yourself at the end of the day, wondering where your time went, then an organization system that will help you to plan and prioritize is important. Don’t let a lack of organization steal precious moments from your day!"

Click here for an article from our friends at Day Designer to help with some tips for organizing your day, so you are making the most of your time each day!

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