Tuesday, September 4, 2018


We are posting a day early this week to make sure our readers can see this great article's advice before tomorrow's start to the work week! If you find that making lists and prioritizing helps you to accomplish tasks throughout your week, you will especially find this article from 'Notes from Joana' helpful!

"Sundays are quite bittersweet, arent’ they? While I love the feeling of a chilled Sunday morning at home, it also means the weekend is coming to an end. And I know I’m not alone here as most of us have dealt with the Sunday blues before or maybe every week. You feel overwhelmed and not ready to face the week ahead. I feel you.'

'But what if instead of obsessing over the week ahead, you focus on the present? Sunday is the perfect day to schedule some time for yourself and reset. With that in mind, here are a few Sunday habits to help you prep for a new week with less stress (Notes from Joana.com)."

To see some of these obvious (and not so obvious) ideas on how to better prepare yourself for the week ahead, visit the article link here!

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