Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why You Don’t Want to Pull on the Inside Rein – and What To Do Instead

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I wanted to share this brief, informative article with you all about pulling on the inside rein because I feel it is a concept that is known, but not fully understood among many riders. Growing up in the hunter/jumper world, I was told about outside rein contact but I was never taught the importance of it, or why that is your main support rein. I often used my reins to assist when steering my horse and sometimes, I found myself in trouble, yet didn't know why it didn't always work for me. It wasn't until a few years ago, when I began taking dressage lessons, that I fully learned about outside rein contact and why it is such a major "no-no" to pull on the inside rein. Once the biomechanics of the horse and their body movements were broken down and explained, it made perfect sense that pulling on the inside rein prohibits the hind leg from coming all the way through. DUH TARA! While I am fortunate I learned this and my dressage riding has greatly improved, I still see a lot of riders out there, in all disciplines, that pull on that inside rein a little too often.

This article, from, does a great job of explaining the importance of not pulling on the inside rein, as well as things to do to avoid this common mistake. Enjoy!


Ps- If you really have some time to kill, here's another great article on properly turning your horse. Check it out here.

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