Friday, July 19, 2013

My crooked eared friend ...

So while in the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon, Scott and I decided to go on the horseback riding excursion in the nearby town.  I didn't know what to expect, as I've never done the rent-a-horse type thing before, but overall it was fun.  The horses were a bit skinny, but no more so than I expected. The tack was ancient and sometimes rusty.  But all in all, the horses didn't have the worst life you could imagine.  So instead of a lot of rambling, I'll just post the photos here.  Enjoy!
The view for my ride. Note to self: When going on a rent-a-horse excursion, don't let your well-meaning husband announce that you are a VERY experienced rider.  They give you the crazy horse that tries to take off any chance he gets.  And instead of sitting like a bump on a log like everyone else, you spend the first portion of the ride trying to install a half halt.
All the horses looked to have mostly Thoroughbred blood in them.

A Dominican barn dog.

The stables.

You know you want one of our helmets.  PS Ignore our horses' cranky faces.  They did not like each other.

Going up one of the big hills.

One of the views.

Our resort in the background.

We came to like each other by the end of the ride.

Scott's pony.  He told me he felt safer on this critter than he does on Lissell.  I was moderately offended.

My little crooked eared friend.

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