Sunday, February 2, 2020

Tackle Fears of Failure in Your Business

The first month of the new year is almost over. You have got your business goals set and plans have been made. But sometimes fears of failure can creep in and prevent you from tackling those to-dos with confidence. So we thought it could be helpful to share an article from author and entrepreneur Carla Biesinger entitled 'How to overcome your self-doubts and your fear of failure & start a business you love.'

"Starting your own business is easily one of the most exciting and at the same time terrifying times in your life. You know you have what it takes to make this happen: you're feeling confident about yourself; you have the passion, the drive, the knowledge, the skills. But before you know it, your new companions, Fear and Self-doubt, won't seem to get off your case:

  • "Do you really think you're cut out for this?"
  • "What if you fail?"
  • "What if no-one wants to buy your products/services?"
  • "Who's going to invest in YOU? You don't have a website/a degree/a certificate..."

If you have ever had these thoughts then be sure to take a look at this video from Carla which talks about ways to overcome those fears and move forward to success! CLICK  HERE for the video link.

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