Monday, July 16, 2018

Upcoming Clinics with Team MLE!

As the summer continues to heat up, MLE has you covered with plenty of clinics to make sure you and your horse are prepared for your upcoming competitions this fall!

July 19th: Stephen Bradley Cross-Country @ The Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy Farm (Adamstown, MD):
Join Stephen Bradley for an afternoon of cross-country schooling at Loch Moy Farm, home of The Maryland Horse Trials. This clinic will be held on the COMPETITION course, which has jumps ranging in levels from Elementary all the way through Intermediate including water, ditches and banks for all levels. This is the perfect opportunity to get a lesson from one of our area's best on one of our area's best competition courses.

COST: $100 directly to Stephen Bradley, plus $75 MDHT schooling fee

Email to sign up!

July 20th: Tik Maynard Horsemanship Clinic at Karmic Run Stables (Mount Airy, MD):

Tik Maynard will be coming to Karmic Run Stables for a 2-day horsemanship clinic this summer. Natural horsemanship, or horse psychology as Tik’s technique is termed is the wave of the equestrian sports future. Tik has the support of the key influencers in the U.S and Canada and they are looking to him for innovative training methods. His techniques do things such as help a spooky horse relax, or help a young horse get used to the leg for example. Tik’s methods are proven and have worked with horses who have not responded to numerous other training techniques. He is compassionate and has a natural ability to help horses reach new levels in various disciplines. Day 1 will be groundwork. Day 2 will be transferring what you learned on the ground to your riding. All lessons will be semi-privates.

The clinic is full but auditing is FREE and encouraged! (Only water will be provided for auditors.) 

July 28th: Pace and Steeplechase Clinic with Kelley Williams at Loch Moy Farm (Adamstown, MD):

This clinic is designed to help people get on track to their fall classic format 3-day events. They will be working on the "flat" on pace (getting feel for the appropriate speed for your level both for cross country and steeplechase) as well as over steeplechase type fences to get an idea of what to expect from phase B but also to simply build horse and rider skill, understanding, and safety over cross country fences. This is not a typical cross country school but has a ton of value for cross country riding technique even if you are not planning for a fall 3 day. 

COST: $60 to Kelley Williams plus a $30.00 facility fee to Loch Moy Farm per horse/rider combo.

Email Kelley at: to sign-up today! 

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