Friday, April 1, 2016

Check Out the Nicholson Family in Chronicle of the Horse!

                MLE client, Rolling Acres Show Stables, has been recently featured in the Chronicle of the Horse article “Laughing, Living and Working Together at Rolling Acres”. It is a beautiful piece detailing the three generations of horsemen and women in the Nicholson family. The family is so close that they all live on the same farm property in Brookeville, Maryland. They are such a tight-knit family that they were able to pull through the low points in their lives including when Pam, the eldest Nicholson daughter, spent a month in intensive care after almost dying from necrotizing fasciitis. The article goes on to describe the turning point in the Nicholson family business from cattle and automobile dealership to horse business. This change would forever alter the lives of the sisters Patty and Mary Lisa, allowing them to prosper in their professional riding careers. It is a truly inspirational story of an amazing family that can face any hardship and come out stronger in the end.  If you want to learn more about this inspiring family, check out the full story at

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