Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Voltaire's Smart Saddle

Lately everything and everyone is adopting “smart” technology. This technology has taken over everything from televisions to phones to accessories, but have you ever heard of a smart saddle? MLE client, Voltaire Design has taken the initiative to bring smart technology to the equestrian world by designing the Blue Wing Smart Saddle. This saddletree’s innovative design uses Smart RideTM technology to track aspects of your horse’s movement including rhythm, timing, and symmetry. It can also record the intensity and duration of a workout, jump courses and so much more. It then takes this data and sends it straight to your phone so you can have all of this information at your fingertips.

Along with all the fancy new technology, this saddle also provides neurological benefits by using a carbon fiber tree with flexible points, a design that makes it lightweight as well as able to move with the horse and provide shock absorption. If you find it difficult to fit saddles to your horse, this flexible tree may be the answer. And if you want your saddle to match your alligator leather helmet, you can do that too! This saddle is entirely customizable with multiple options to fit your personal style.
This smart saddle will allow riders to connect with their horses like never before. What do you think – could this be your new dream saddle or just wishful thinking?

Voltaire Blue Wing Smart Saddle - Check it out at www.voltairedesign.com
Available May 2016

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