Friday, August 22, 2014

Job Opportunities with Mythic Landing Enterprises!

Mythic Landing Enterprises is looking to add a new person (or two) to the team starting September 1st. There is both a part-time Account Manager and a part-time Administrative Assistant position open, but one person can certainly take on both positions if desired. Please e-mail me at with your resume and any questions.

** Account Manager (AM) will be responsible for a set amount of clients. AM will be responsible for all aspects of those clients' accounts. 
** MLE does everything from one-time press releases to annual ad campaigns to finding sponsors for top riders to creating web sites. Basically, we cater to the needs of our clients. No job is too small … or too big.

** database management
** e-blast management
** miscellaneous administrative tasks

** You should be a competent writer and be comfortable working on everything from blogs to articles to web site copy.
** You should have a knowledge of the horse industry (read: you should know what USEF is and be able to name/describe almost all of the disciplines represented).
** You should be super creative, organized and detail oriented. Additionally, you should be well disciplined and a self-starter. 

** Account Manager is required to come into the MLE office for a minimum of 8-12 hours each week. All other work can be done from your home office if desired. [It is expected that you will need to be in the office more often for the first month or so to get settled into the routine.]

** Administrative Assistant tasks are allotted 8 hours per week. Regardless of the time of year, there will be a guaranteed 8 hours per week. During certain busy times, there is an opportunity for more hours.

** AM payment is commission based and can be discussed further. There is the opportunity to "inherit" a few clients to get you started. 
** There is also the opportunity to earn a finder's fee for new clients.

** Administrative Assistant tasks are paid at $12/hour.

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