Monday, October 17, 2011

Pony Power!

The wonder pony and I attended the Maryland Horse Trials on Sunday and we WON! It was Whisper's third time on a cross country course and her second horse trial EVER! We went around Elementary again to continue the confidence building. Dressage was better than last time and we were rewarded with a 31.00 with three 8's in the middle of the test and all 7's on the collective marks. We almost got and 8 for impulsion but they decided to stick with straight 7's. Stadium was easy breezy as usual, she has always been a star jumper in the ring. The cross country gods were smiling on us and they did not have water on the course yesterday. She still has some feelings about splashing through a water jump.
It's a lot of fun taking our first home bred baby out and being successful!

Earlier in the week I had a lesson at the Susan Graham-White clinic at A Bit Better Farm. I was riding the other 4y/o homebred DeLiza "Lizzie", a GOV Oldenburg mare owned by Brett Schrack. She was a super star and Susan loved her! She was also very complimentary of my work with her so far. I picked up some new exercises and they definitely helped with some issues that have slowly been coming up. I am looking forward to the schooling show on the 23rd at Pleasant Ridge in Walkersville, Md. where Lizzie and I will be strutting our stuff. We will be doing Training 3 and First 1. It's exciting to be moving back up the levels :)

I will make sure to post some pics of the Wonder Pony soon!


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