Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kind words from Katie Ruppel

Katie with Sir Donovan at The Fork CIC*** earlier this year.
I first met Katie through the COTH bulletin boards and when she moved to my area, she quickly became one of my favorite people. It's been fun watching her work through the levels of eventing and I know that without a doubt she'll be rocking it around Rolex in the spring.

It's been a pleasure working with Katie to promote her various clinics, fundraisers, etc.  And it's always nice when clients send over a great quote for the web site.  :-)

"Margaret and Mythic Landing Events have been a godsend for my business. My favorite service is the "E-Blast" which I use frequently. They always look polished, professional, and reach a huge audience." ~Katie Ruppel of Yellow Rose Eventing, Advanced-level event rider 

Thanks Katie for the kind words!

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