Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Exciting News! Four Star Management and Mythic Landing Events Are Teaming Up!

Four Star Management's Ashley Colonel and Mythic Landing Events' Margaret Rizzo are combining forces to offer top-of-the-line services in marketing and business management.

Ashley Colonel and Four Star Management offer remote services from simple monthly bookkeeping to full facility management, including invoicing, bill paying, bank reconciliations, travel arrangements, and equestrian paperwork (event entries, USADA forms, grant applications, etc.).  They can track your expenses and income by horse, by client, by event, and by competition season.

Margaret Rizzo's Mythic Landing Events offer services for professional riders, boarding facilities, event facilities, and more. From large and complex to small and simple, Mythic Landing Events offers planning, coordination, marketing, development, and public relations services to equestrian clients.

It's important to know where your money comes from and where it goes - plus, be able to make educated decisions for your business. Timely and accurate invoicing ensures you're never left holding the bill again.  And with the extra cash flow, you can put your money to work for you. 

Combined with a comprehensive marketing plan, we can help businesses see an accurate depiction of their business which allows them the freedom to make educated business decisions.

Get back in the saddle and let us take the headache out of your daily operations. 

"The union of Four Star Management and Mythic Landing Events is a marriage made in heaven. Our clients need not look anywhere else as we are now able to provide them the management they need to be a success."
~ Ashley Colonel 

"It seemed logical for Mythic Landing Events to team up with Four Star Management. Our businesses are extremely complimentary of each other; and I'm excited to now be able to offer our clients a more complete and comprehensive package."
~ Margaret Rizzo

To get started today, please contact either Margaret or Ashley ... 
Margaret Rizzo                                                           Ashley Colonel 
Mythic Landing Events, LLC                                        Four Star Management 
margaret@mythiclandingevents.com                                info@fourstarequine.com        

Read What People Are Saying ... 

"I'd rather be riding my horses and teaching my students than worrying about the books. Four Star Management keeps my business organized and our farm on budget."
- Amy Tryon, two-time Olympian, Olympic Bronze medalist
and WEG Gold and Bronze medalist
"Margaret Rizzo has put together a team of creative talent to help riders, competitions, and any equestrian cause with its marketing and promotion. They will help find sponsors, put you on the internet, find your way through the social internet media, help with press contacts, and even manage your affairs on the day of the event. Were it not for this group's help, today's symposium could never have happened."
Steuart Pittman, Dodon Farm and
Retired Racehorse Training Project
"Ashley's organization and management skills kept our facility running perfectly. I never had to worry about the barn and could focus on the horses and the clients thanks to Ashley."
- Kris Montgomery, Grand Prix Dressage Rider (Previously head trainer at
Spring Creek Equestrian Center and now 
based in Hampton, VA.)

"Margaret has helped me tremendously in becoming more organized  in the way I deal with my clients.  Also, she has been invaluable in her assistance in dealing with sponsorship relationships.  She has been a great asset to our team and we look forward to continuing our relationship!"  
~ Courtney Cooper, C Square Farm
"I was exposed to some new ideas which will be useful in my horsemanship. Overall, it was an interesting, fun and educational week. Well worth the investment!"
- 2009 Olympic Experience Camp camper, Jude Mackenzie

"As President of the Professional Riders Organization, I would like to thank you for all the work you have done on our behalf and your sponsorship trades. I know you have been a real asset to PRO. We look forward to continuing to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between PRO and Mythic Landing Events."
~Phillip Dutton, President of PRO

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