Friday, March 25, 2011

The drama!

It's been established that I love Lissell.  We've been a team for quite awhile and know each other pretty well.  So I tacked her up for a quick ride yesterday and the plan was to play over trot poles.  She started off lovely, but I felt like she was a little weak behind.  I had been thinking about starting some sort of Adequan/Legend routine, so I figured I would finish my ride and then call my vet to discuss the options.  Then we cantered, and she started fuddling into the canter and kicking out during it.  Now Lissell is not the easiest to ride, but she does not do bad things like kick out or buck or anything like that.  So I stopped the ride, and brought her back to the barn.

We untacked and put her sheet on and put her in her stall, where she immediately laid down.  Something I've never seen Lissell do before in her stall.  Hmmm.  Somethings not right.  Then she starts groaning and looking at her belly.  Oh please Lissell, please don't colic!  So I sit with her for awhile, she's not rolling and has normal vital signs.  It was around 4pm, so I called my vet before he finished up for the day.  I ended up giving her a 1/2 tube of UlcerGard (it's all I had) and some banamine.  Well I guess me messing with her mouth was enough to bother her and she got right up and started begging for food.  I gave her some hay and checked on her awhile later and decided she looked good enough to get half of her dinner.

She trotted out to the field with the other horses and made some grumpy faces at the gelding, so I figured all was well again.  I kept an eye on her while I finished feeding the barn, and checked on her again before I left, and all seemed ok.

Oh Lissell.  The drama.  You scared the begeezes out of me.

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