Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's an exciting time for MLE!

New clients, new employees ... it's definitely an exciting time for MLE! Let's start with our new client.

Burdette Brothers: You can check out their web site by visiting Don Burdette recently started a Featherlite Trailer dealership in conjunction with his current car dealership. His wife is a long-time horsewoman, and his family owns a large farm in Frederick, so the Featherlite trailers seems to be a perfect fit. I met Don through a referral from friend Pat Mayo (successful real estate agent, check out his web site HERE). Thanks Pat! MLE has been brought on to manage Burdette Brothers' ad campaign. We're excited to see where this partnership leads.

With the business growing faster than I imagined (I'm not complaining!), it became apparent that I couldn't do everything on my own. So enter Nicki Carson as our new Account Manager. Nicki is no stranger to MLE, having been an on-site staff member for quite awhile. Additionally she partnered up with me for my first year of working with Waredaca as their sponsorship coordinator. While Nicki's first love is riding and training, she's excited to be taking on a greater role with MLE. In partnership with her mother, Vicki Carson, Nicki has a successful small breeding program at their Flying Chesterfield Farm in Middleburg, Maryland. Nicki's first client is Burdette Brothers.

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