Monday, January 20, 2020

Stay Motivated This Winter & Beat Winter Blues

Some days during winter can feel as if they drag on forever making it hard to be productive. It's important to not let the winter blues get you down!

Utilize these 6 tips from 'Staying Active' to keep on track with your goals this year:

1.) Create heat: adjust your thermostat to warm the house before you get up.

2.) Recreate sunlight: Invest in a natural daylight lamp and put it by your bed or desk!

3.) Customize your alarm: Start out the day with a song that motivates you.

4.) Find a friend: Lean on a friend or family member to help keep you accountable.

5.) Dress the part: Dress for success (and warmth!) to help you feel good.

6.) Add green to your work space to to add life and warm it up! (Hint: they can be artificial plants for no-stress added)

Wishing you a happy and successful week ahead from TeamMLE!!

Monday, January 13, 2020

Make Goals, Not Resolutions

Instead of making resolutions this year, why not set a new goal for yourself every month instead? Focus on what you can control and take it one step at a time. Here are a few pointers to get you started:
-Decide what is most realistic and attainable

-Put it in writing & make it visible.

-Tell someone and share your vision.

-Break it down into smaller goals.

-Plan your first step and how you can start.

-Keep going when it gets tough.

-Celebrate small victories on the way!

If one of your goals this year is to start a business or expand your existing company let MLE help! We offer a variety of services which can be tailored to fit your needs. Learn more at:!

Sunday, January 5, 2020

January #TeamMLE Activities!

A new year is upon us and it's time to start making plans for 2020! Sign up for one of these fun activities and start the new year off with a bang! Keep reading to see which #TeamMLE members will be where and when! And simply click on the date to be taken to the registration information:

January 11th: Kelley Williams Winter Clinic #1 @ A Bit Better Farm (Brookeville, MD)

January 11th: Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch Clinic @ Playland Equestrian Center (Union Bridge, MD)

January 18th: Destination Farm Winter Jumper Schooling Show (Dickerson, MD)

January 18th: Michael Alway Horsemanship Clinic @ Karmic Run Stables (Mount Airy, MD)

January 24th-26th: Maryland Fund For Horses Educational Booth @ World of Pets Expo (Timonium, MD)

January 25th: Kelley Williams Winter Clinic #2 @ A Bit Better Farm (Brookeville, MD)

January 31st: Stargazing @ Milkhouse Brewery (Mount Airy, MD)

Monday, December 30, 2019

Happy New Year Wishes from Team MLE!

2020 is almost here!! Wishing everyone a safe and prosperous year ahead with many blessings both personally and professionally! 

Here's to a great year ahead with Team MLE!

Monday, December 23, 2019

Holiday Wishes from MLE!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Team MLE! Wishing all of our clients and their families a wonderful holiday and safe travels. Thank you for another year of allowing us to help bring success to your business!

Monday, December 16, 2019

Five Ways to Improve Your New Year Business Plans

2020 is right around the corner and for most small businesses the holidays are not only a time to reflect on the past year but to begin planning for the upcoming one. Sometimes as business owners, putting plans in place for an entire year with unknowns can seem overwhelming. Here are five tips to help you get started with your 2020 plans from the "What Works" business podcast by Tara McMullin and in the meantime, visit to see how one of our vast services can help your business succeed in the new year!

1. Double Down on Your Positioning
"Positioning is where your business sits in the market.  It’s the stories that your customers tell about your business.  It’s the message that you put out.  It’s how you do what you do differently.  It’s the price you set, it’s the packages or offers that you make, it’s how you show up in the market, and all those things come together to give you your positioning.  In other words, where you sit in the market.'

'Now, if you’re tempted to start something new, to add to your offerings, expand your audience, take a step back.  Does what you’re creating reinforce your brand?  The story it tells about your customers, the value you have to offer, or does it dilute your focus?"

2. Get Support From Diverse Sources
"So the first thing is that people seek out mastermind partners who are kind of going at the same pace they are, which might be slow to non-existent, and so the first way that you can get the most out of a mastermind is to actually…'

'Seek out people who are moving at a faster pace than you. 
You want the people that you’re masterminding with, as a business owner, to actually push you, to challenge you, to inspire you to get a little more uncomfortable, to do things a little more outside of your comfort zone, and really use that to propel your business forward." 

3. Know Your Top Priority At Any Given Time
"Now, one of the biggest benefits of planning ahead, whether it’s for the month, the quarter, or the year, is that it becomes easier to spot your top priorities.' 

'These priorities will show themselves as specific goals.  So if you look, at your next year’s plans or your next quarter’s plans, you’ll see some specific goals, hopefully, that you’ve set for yourself.  The more specific, the easier it will be to know what’s important for you and your team to be focused on."

4. Separate Your Marketing Plans From Your Sales Plans
"If you’re overlapping building awareness with converting sales, you’re probably not building as much awareness as you’d like to be doing, and you’re probably converting sales less than you would like to be doing, and no small business owner wants to be in that situation." 

5. Make a Plan to Step Back While Letting Your Business Grow
"Now, a lot of people are going to put delegation and team-building on their new year business plans, but it’s not enough to just hire people to ease your workload.  As my friend, Peter Lang, from the Uhuru Network marketing agency, told me in regards to myself and my own business, you have to offload responsibility, too.'

'This is where so many small business owners go wrong, myself included, from time to time."  (To read on further and get more detail on each of these tips visit:

Monday, December 9, 2019

Looking for a Perfect Gift? Think of MLE!

Do you have a relative or friend who could use one of the many Mythic Landing Enterprises  services in the new year? Then give the gift of MLE and send us the referral! 

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